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We are beginning to develop a network of Sanctuary Providers along the St Sigfrid’s Way. This will predominantly be Church of England parish churches.


Our intention is to facilitate connection between pilgrims and local communities that is enriching and beneficial for both.


We hope to meet the need for low-cost accommodation whilst providing much needed donations to churches, but we also hope it will offer opportunities for personal experiences in these communal buildings. Pilgrim or parishioner, parish churches belong to us all.

Parish churches are houses of community, prayer, song and sanctuary. They need not be places bound by belief, but rather they should - and normally are - open to all.

William Parson - who is a seasoned pilgrim and wayfarer - has written a wonderful piece on claiming sanctuary in churches. Click here to read.

We are also inspired and informed by the British Pilgrimage Trust, which is developing a network of Sanctuary Providers along the Old Way.

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