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St Sigfrid’s Way is an epic pilgrimage route spanning just over 760 miles.

Named after an 11th Century pilgrim, it begins in Sigfrid’s home city of York and arches down the spine of England through a spectrum of urban and rural landscapes, rich with the history and cultural diversity of the British Isles.


South of Oxford it turns east along the Thames, runs through London and Canterbury, and ends by the sea in Ramsgate. It then continues in Sweden from Göteborg to Växjö, where Sigfrid built a church and exemplified the way of nonviolence and peace.

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While rooted in the Christian tradition, St Sigfrid’s Way is open to all who feel the call to make pilgrimage. The only faith you need is in your feet for walking the path, and in your heart for embracing the unknown.

There are multiple destinations along the way, both geographical and spiritual. You may feel the call to walk certain sections, or to walk the whole path. You may be walking in communion with saints and mystics, or with the land and the trees, or both. Let your feet and heart guide the way; personally trodden, communally shared.

St Sigfrid’s is a work (or a walk) in progress, and it is a collaborative endeavour.

This website aims to equip pilgrims and enrich the pilgrimage experience. As pilgrims like yourself walk the path and feed back your stories, discoveries and tips, the information available to others will grow and evolve.

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York to Canterbury


Gothenburg to Växjö


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